The end of the world? Nah…….


Following on from my blog looking at the potential economic implications of president elect Trump’s potential policies, in this blog, I will take a quick look at some of the potential social policies he intends to legislate during his time in office.

As I said in my last post, the majority of the two-year long campaign was based on social issues; Immigration, Women’s rights, Gun control, Cyber hacking and of course “The Wall”.  I think before we take a look at these individually, let’s take a quick look at the new Vice president, Mike Pence. His personal influence on Trump will obviously be very strong given his position, so I think it is important to know his history.

Some quick facts about the new VP:

  • He is the 50th Governor of Indiana
  • He claims he’s “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”
  • Pence has made numerous homophobic comments during the campaign and voted against the bill to repeal the law preventing gay and lesbian people working in the military
  • He is staunchly anti-abortion. During his time as governor he cut funding to the “Planned parenthood” scheme which caused many abortion clinics in Indiana to close.
  • He has blocked an equal pay for women bill 3 times during his time in office.
  • Finally, he was one of the signatories of the “Religious freedom bill”. This bill gives business’ the right to site religious belief as a reason not to serve gay people.

If you are staunchly Liberal, Pence is basically your worst nightmare. However, and rather surprisingly to anyone outside of America, he is quite a popular figure.

So, let us tackle some of the social policies of the Trump-Pence campaign and see which goals are attainable and which are unrealistic.


Probably the key issue of the early parts of the campaign. He promises to round up and deport the 11 million illegal aliens in the USA, claiming this will free up jobs for Americans. It is very easy to talk about catching illegal immigrants, but doing it is a different thing all together. As we all know, a lot of these people have been evading the authorities for many years, and so are very good at it. Plus, the sheer size of the problem will make it very hard to deal with, as he has promised.

Another policy of Trumps is to shore up legal immigration, making it harder to get into the US without a legitimate reason. This will greatly effect many Irish students, as he intends to scrap the J1 visa as part of this.

Gun control:

Certainly, the most divisive social issue in America. The obvious way to stop gun violence is to remove all the guns. This is very hard to do in a country which has a higher population of guns than people. Non-nationals also tend not to understand the great love the American people have with the gun, and also the fact it brings an unbelievable amount of money into their economy.

Trump has stated he intends to support the second amendment and stop gun control in America. Instead, he intends introduce a similar policy to project exile, which will work to remove gangs and drug dealers form the streets.


Keeping in line with the views of his Vice president, Trump will not support abortion. He intends to outlaw the practice and bring in measures to punish those who seek abortions and the people who perform them.

Cyber review team:

As was exposed during the election, America’s cyber network is under serious threat from hackers’ over-seas. The administration has promised to get the best network possible in place to protect vital government information. He has also stated his intention to use this new network to allow federal bodies to investigate any unwanted criminal activity (Clinton emails anyone?).

“The Wall”

Finally, the early parts of his campaign were solely focused on this aspect of this policy. In fact, if I’m completely honest, for a while I thought it was his only policy.  Trump has promised to build “The greatest wall the world has ever seen” (Apart from the one in China obviously). He also made claims that America would not pay for the wall and that Mexico would fund it. The Mexican government has stated it will not fund any such building project. When Trump heard this, he replied “tell them the wall just got ten foot higher”. (If I’m perfectly honest, I find that statement extremely amusing).

Since the election, talks of the wall have died down somewhat.  The likelihood is that “The greatest wall ever seen” is more likely to be a chain-link fence, if it even comes to that. The cost and sheer size of the project would require an unbelievable amount of money, something the government simply does not have right now.

My final words on the whole election are ones of reassurance. Trump coming to power is not the end of the world. The American political system may not be the best in the world, but it is strong enough to withstand any potential breaches of democracy. The next 4 years will be interesting and there will be some major changes in the way America conducts itself, but for the most part things will stay the same and the world goes on.

I have really enjoyed learning and giving my opinion on this topic,

Thanks for reading!



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