Why Trump Won………

A lot of crazy stuff has happened this year. In March, 3 coordinated bomb attacks by ISIS, in Belgium, killed 32 and injured over 250. In June, the UK voted to leave the European Union in an attempt to forge its own economic future without the single market. Also in June, 50 party-goers were shot … Continue reading Why Trump Won………


Clinton and Trump: How did it come to this?

This years American election was the most interesting and widely covered in history. This is partially because of the rise of social media platforms and the quick access to information through the internet, but it is also (and perhaps more worryingly) due to the quality of the candidates available. As an outsider to the American … Continue reading Clinton and Trump: How did it come to this?

Obama: Good, Bad or Average?

Barack Obama burst on the scene when he defied the odds to beat Hillary Clinton and win the Democratic nomination for the 2008 US general election. A face of hope and change, he captivated the American people with his charisma and public speaking ability. He was victorious in 2008 and subsequently was reelected in 2012 … Continue reading Obama: Good, Bad or Average?